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2015, June 8 - 12:45pm

What language certificate is valid for the recruitment process?

1) diplomas of:

a) studies in field of philology in foreign languages or applied linguistics,

b) foreign language teacher training colleges,

c) higher education abroad - the language of instruction,

d) National School of Public Administration,

e) the LLM diploma

2) a certificate of passing a ministry exam:

a) in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,

b) in the Ministry of Economy,

c) in the Ministry of Defence - to the level of 4444, according to STANAG 6001,

3) a certificate of a command of a foreign language, issued by the National School of Public Administration as a result of the linguistic check procedure,

4) foreign language proficiency certificate, issued from 25 August 1997 to 14 January 1998 by the Ministerial Examination Board of Foreign Languages of the Civil Service Office,

5) the following certificates:

a) First Certificate in English (FCE), Certificate in Advanced English (CAE), Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE), Business English Certificate 2 (BEC2), Business English Certificate (BEC3),Certificate in English for International Business and Trade (CEIBT) – certificates issued by the University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate,

b) International English Language Testing System IELTS – more than 6 points - a certificate issued by the University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate, the British Council and Education Australia,

c) Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) – at least 500 points from the test, at least 3.5 points from the written work TWE and at least 200 points from the oral exam TSE - issued by the Educational Testing Service, Princeton, USA.