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Why study in Gdańsk?

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2015, January 14 - 7:36pm

Gdańsk is a world known economic, social and cultural centre. Its rich, over 1000 year history will encourage you to discover its secrets. Gdańsk was the place where events changing the image of Europe and the world took place.  Gdańsk is the place, where people who left their mark on the shape of European culture, arts and science lived. Maybe you will follow them… and discover places not known before?

Gdańsk is the biggest economic, research and cultural centre of Polish Coast, the capital of the urban area with over 2,2 million population in the Pomeranian region, one of the wealthiest regions in Poland according to latest sociological research. Gdańsk has one of the biggest ports on the Baltic Sea, international airport, developed network of railway and road connections. These are great advantages, as when leaving the university you can quickly get to the centre of European events. Remember that Gdańsk is almost the geographical centre of Europe.

Gdańsk is also the ideal place to rest. Numerous cultural centres, like multiplexes, theatres, the concern hall, the opera house, the summer music scene, clubs, pubs and discotheques make it impossible to be bored. If you want to escape from the tumult of the town you can get to the charming Old Town streets, which remember the times when Gdańsk was the royal town, or you sit on one of the beaches looking into the horizon.