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European and International Business Law

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2019, January 24 - 4:11pm

The creation of European and International Business Law emerges from the awareness of growing educational, research and cultural needs in a dynamically developing world, and at the same time it complements the rich and diverse educational offer offered by the University of Gdańsk. The course of European and International Business Law is carried out at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Gdańsk from the academic year 2017/2018, in the form of second-cycle studies, part-time studies.


The structure of education is in line with the Bologna process and will include second-cycle studies in addition to the first-cycle studies (European Business Administration). The program assumes extending the knowledge acquired during the first-cycle studies by studying specialist subjects that allow to deepen the knowledge of business law, as well as the functioning of international and European markets, as well as studying both practical and more theoretically oriented subjects. Thanks to this, students will be able to perceive the studied area of ​​knowledge in all its complexity, taking into account the multidimensional conditions of both business law and international, European and national markets. The main aim of education at the European and International Business Law is to provide the student with the necessary knowledge and to develop unique skills that give the opportunity to effectively navigate the European and international economic space. The prepared program has been developed based on contemporary trends in the country and in the world. After completing European and International Business Law, the graduate receives a master's degree.


Completing the studies will give graduates the opportunity to work in public administration units (local government, government, state non-governmental and European institutions), in political institutions, private administration broadly understood, as well as enterprises operating on European and international markets, as well as independent business. A graduate of European and International Business Law studies is a specialist in the field of knowledge of European and international legal mechanisms regulating the functioning of markets and running a business.

Completing the European and International Business Law course also provides a good basis for continuing education in the form of education (including economic studies, legal and administrative studies, management, political science, sociology) and self-education.