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2019, November 4 - 4:45pm
Studies in the field of Administration are carried out as three-year study program of first cycle (Bachelor) and two-year study program of second cycle (complementary Master studies). The minimum requirement for access to the first program is the secondary school graduation certificate (matriculation certificate) while the second program is offered to graduates in various fields of study with at least the title of Bachelor. The first cycle course is carried out as full-time and extra-mural program while the complementary course is carried out as full-time, extra-mural and part-time program. Apart from issues strictly connected with the sphere of public administration activity students get familiar with fundamental disciplines of legal knowledge during the course of study.

Graduates of first-cycle program are prepared for clerical work in government and self-government public administration, and for application of law in non-public institutions. The granted professional title of Bachelor allows the holder to apply for complementary Master course (including legal and administration studies) and to continue education on post-diploma studies.

Graduates of second-cycle program are granted the professional title of Master. Gained knowledge especially marks them out for independent work in public administration, administrative services of business entities and nongovernmental institutions. Graduates of Master program can continue education on post-diploma studies and third-cycle studies (doctoral), also in the field of law.


Enrolment for Bachelor and Master courses carried out by Faculty of Law and Administration is competitive. In case of unified Master program and first-cycle program the grades from selected subjects on secondary school graduation certificate are the qualifying criteria, while in case of second-cycle course - the grade on the diploma or the result of oral examination of knowledge included in first-cycle study program is the decisive criterion. Enrolment for all fields of study takes place in the system of Internet Registration of Candidates. The candidate is registered electronically on webpage: irk.ug.edu.pl.

See more: https://prawo.ug.edu.pl/jesli_studiujesz/studenci/programy_studiow/program_studiow_-_administracja