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Postraduate studies (in Polish)

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2019, January 24 - 4:40pm

The educational offer of Faculty of Law and Administration includes various fields of postgraduate studies. They give the possibility of acquiring specialized knowledge about selected issues or legislative solutions referring to different branches of law. All postgraduate programs last two semesters and are carried out as extra-mural courses (extra-mural or part-time). As a rule holders of any higher school diploma ( of vocational education or Master) may apply with the exception of Civil Law Postgraduate Studies where only graduates of Master course may apply. Postgraduate studies are carried in Polish language.

Postgraduate Studies in Financial Consulting are addressed to people who practise the profession of financial consultants (account managers in financial institutions) and wish to raise their qualifications or to people who want to improve their knowledge and acquire necessary qualifications to carry out the profession. The program is also dedicated to people dealing or who plan to deal with financial mediation.

Postgraduate Studies in Taxes and Tax Law are addressed to people who concentrate their professional interests on taxes and tax issues, as well as to people connected with running business for whom widened knowledge about tax law is necessary in taking economic decisions every day.

Postgraduate Studies in Administrative Proceedings are addressed to people working or planning to work in public administration offices or other public administration services, where problems are solved according to regulations in force provided for by Code of Administrative Proceedings.

Postgraduate Studies in Civil Law are addressed to people who want to gain deepened theoretical and practical knowledge in civil law. The graduate should have the interpretation ability of legal regulations in the scope of subjects included in the syllabus and be characterized by openness to various views on law and courts' judicial decisions.

Postgraduate Studies in Labour Law are addressed to people who wish to widen their knowledge about labour law in theory and practice by solving concrete legal issues.

Postgraduate Studies in the European Union Financial Market Law are addressed mainly to employees of financial institutions, employees of institutions supporting the development of the financial market in Poland, as well as to people interested in widening their knowledge in financial services.

Postgraduate Studies in Company Law are addressed to people who want to widen their knowledge in commercial law by specialist information in the scope of company law useful in legal practice, as well as in management and contact with business entities.

Postgraduate Studies in Intellectual Property Law and Law of New Technologies are addressed to people who carry out legal professions, administration employees, specialists in media, advertising, arts and technological branch defined broadly. The course will include the latest knowledge referring to intellectual property protection, as well as regulations and development tendencies in the interdisciplinary sphere, the so-called law of new technologies
(such issues as internet crime, electronic database protection, electronic banking or telecommunications law, among others).

Postgraduate Studies in Establishing Law in Local Public Administration are addressed mostly to people who participate or will participate in the process of preparing draft regulations, as well as publishing and supervising orders, resolutions and other legal acts. These acts are prepared and established in government administration offices, local self-government offices, as well as in the so-called administration institutions (like schools, libraries, museums).

Postgraduate Studies in Legal Conditions of Running Business Activity are addressed to people who want to acquire fundamental knowledge about legal aspects of setting up and running business activity. The course will let them initiate own economic activity ( or activity in an organized form) or contribute to raising qualifications connected with the positions held or functions performed in the area of economy.

Postgraduate Studies in Medical Law are addressed to people willing to acquire fundamental knowledge about patients' rights, legal responsibility in the field of medical services, social insurances as well as bioethics.

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