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Law in administration and economy

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2019, November 4 - 4:47pm

University of Gdańsk –  Faculty of Law and Administration invites to undertake graduate part-time course on a new major – Law in administration and economy. The didactic offer is particularly aimed at persons with a degree of Bachelor of Arts (Bachelor in Engineering) or Master of Arts, who are employed in public administration bureaus and intend to improve their occupational qualifications.

Launching the new course corresponds with the prevailing needs of public sector employers and economy sector employers. The course graduate will be comprehensively prepared for work associated with execution of government administration tasks and local-government administration tasks as well as in economic entities.

The Law in administration and economy course lasts five semesters. The studies programme embraces over 700 hours of obligatory and facultative classes – tutorials, lectures and M.A. seminar. The realisation of classes embraced by the studies programme assures the command of specified bodies of law concerning public administration and economy, as well as enables the graduate execute administration tasks related to management. The classes are conducted by the employees of Faculty of Law and Administration, Faculty of Management and Faculty of Social Sciences as well as practitioners specialized in public sector and economy sector activity.

Completing the course on Law in administration and economy enables gaining theoretical knowledge and practical skills that the employees of public administration and economy sector are required to possess.

See more: https://prawo.ug.edu.pl/jesli_studiujesz/studenci/programy_studiow/program_studiow_-_prawo_w_administracji_i_gospodarce