Guest Lectures by Dr. Muhammad Nizam Awang (Islamic Science University of Malaysia)

Dr. Muhammad Nizam Awang

We are pleased to invite for a Guest Lectures by Dr. Muhammad Nizam Awang from Islamic Science University of Malaysia, Malaysia

Our Guest will give an online lecture on:

  • „Data Protection and Privacy Law in the Age of Big Data and Algorithm” on Monday, June 3, 2024; 9:15 – 11:00 CET

All members and friends of our Faculty community are very welcome to attend!
Please write to to receive a link to the lecture.

Dr. Muhammad Nizam Awang Islamic Science University of Malaysia, MalaysiaDr. Muhammad Nizam Awang. Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Syariah and Law, Islamic Science University of Malaysia. My primary areas of expertise are in healthcare law and information technology law, with a particular point of focus on the regulation of new technologies affected by the regulation itself and by the regulated activity. I am particularly interested in the ways we make decisions on the deployment of data across technologies, economy and infrastructures. He applies this work in a range of areas, including genetically modified organisms, nanotechnology and healthcare. My main focus is regulation in the Asian region, but the relationships between the national and international laws and actors are inevitably significant.


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