Study in Gdansk: Sea-See Perspective on Law

On 20 March 2020, it had been 50 years since the establishment of the University of Gdańsk.

Gdańsk is a modern Central European metropolis - the sea of possibilities.

Gdańsk, Sopot, and Gdynia build a metropolitan organism commonly referred to as Tri-City. It is a vast agglomeration stretching over 50 km along the southern shore of the Baltic Sea. 

The Faculty of Law and Administration is a major research centre in Poland, where many different national and international research projects are carried out, such as: intellectual property law, medical law and biolaw, environmental and climate law, financial market law, cultural heritage protection law, forensic science and criminology, and many others. Our Faculty is the one of the best law faculty in Poland. 

Study law in Gdansk: SEA-SEE perspective on law! 

For the University of Gdańsk, the Baltic is more than just a sea! 


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Study law in Gdansk - Poland


Faculty of Law and Administration - University of Gdansk Poland


Study law in Gdansk - SEA-SEE perspective on law

‘SEA-SEE PERSPECTIVE ON LAW’ E-book Published as part of NAWA ‘Promotion Abroad’ 



As part of the SEA-SEE PERSPECTIVE ON LAW: In a promotion project launched by the University of Gdańsk Faculty of Law and Administration, Wydawnictwo UG publishing house has published an e-book in English, enabling foreign students to study in Gdańsk if they want to explore crucial legal issues from the vantage of a modern seaside city. The presentation of current research topics is shall encourage the study of law in the English language, on the Polish coast and by the Baltic Sea.

Suggested Citation

Sea-see perspective on law (2020), ed. Anna Jurkowska-Zeidler, Gdańsk: Gdańsk University Press, ss.84, ISBN 978-83-8206-117-8. 

The e-book’s keystone is legal safety & security, which is of particular importance in process of teaching legal subjects.  Issues covered by the publication are definitely up-to-date, and their scope includes theory and philosophy of law, oceanic law, maritime law, constitutional law, criminal law, environmental protection law, insurance law and financial market law. 


An integral part of the project are nine e-learning courses, used during lectures in English for foreign students learning at the Faculty of Law in Gdańsk.

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Publication of the e-book and e-learning marks the launch of networking activities and the endeavour of the Faculty of Law aimed at modern and efficient promotion of the didactic and scientific offer abroad, guided by the slogan: Sea-See Perspective on Law. The project is a basis to strengthen the existing international cooperation and promotion of the University of Gdańsk Faculty of Law on Eastern and Asian markets. The project is aimed at acquiring foreign candidates for studies and intensifying exchange of academic staff (especially from Ukraine, Kazakhstan and China). 


Implementation of this project is a great example of cooperation between the academic centre and artists and business of the Tri-City - Studio Graficzne SPECTRO [graphic design studio] in Tri-City and Film Agency  [Agencja Filmowa] PURPLE SKY STUDIOS



The project is financed by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange



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