Guest Lectures by Prof. Guillermo Palao Moreno University of Valencia, Spain

Guest Lectures by Prof. Guillermo Palao Moreno  University of Valencia, Spain

We are pleased to invite you for a Guest Lectures by Prof. Guillermo Palao Moreno from The University of Valencia, Spain.

Our Guest will give an online lecture on: „ International Tort Litigation in the Internet and Artificial Intelligence era: an EU approach” on Monday, May 20, 2024; 9:15 –11:00 CET

International Tort Litigation in the Internet and Artificial Intelligence era: an EU approach
The emergence and consolidation of the 3rd and the 4th Industrial Revolutions have amounted to several complex legal risks. From a Private International Law perspective, those challenges often and directly affect the question of determining international jurisdiction in situations where the case enjoys an international character, due to the connection of the elements of the case to different national legal systems. In this respect, besides the well-known situations related to cross-border defamation and international infringement of Intellectual Property Rights through the internet, the recent developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence force to pay close attention to cases of Products Liability or accidents caused by autonomous vehicles related to the increasing use of algorithms. As a global phenomenon, the legal management of the litigation connected to tortious events which take place on the Internet has also drawn a global attention by institutions, scholars and practitioners. This lecture aims to offer an EU perspective on the problems which arise from cross-border litigation in relation to the above-mentioned cases. More specifically, it will analyze and criticize both the currently diverse Regulations which apply in those situations, as well as the unequal approach followed by the ECJ, and the consequences derived from them.

All members and friends of our Faculty community are very welcome to attend!
Please write to to receive a link to the lecture.

Guillermo Palao MorenoProf. Guillermo Palao Moreno is a full university professor in Private International Law at the University of Valencia, Spain. He is a member of its R&D Research Groups: Mediation and Arbitration (MedArb) and Intellectual Property (GI+dPI). He was a Vice-Rector of Internationalisation and Cooperation at the University of Valencia. Prof. Guillermo Palao Moreno is an author of 6 monographs and editor /coordinator of more than 20 collective books and has written more than 200 scientific works published both in Spain and abroad, in different languages and on various subjects relating to private international law. His areas of research include International Intellectual Property Law, International Trade Law, International Civil and Commercial Litigation - including Alternative Dispute Resolution - as well as specialised areas of International Private Law related to: Family and Inheritance Law, Law of Obligations, Corporate Law, Digital Law and Communication Technologies.
He has extensive teaching experience - at the Bachelor, Master and Doctorate levels- as well as secturing and visiting professor -in Spain, in different European countries, in the United States and in Latin America. Prof. Palao Moreno was at research stays in particular at: Universitá La Sapienza (Rome), Pace Palace Library (The Hague), Harvard Law School (USA), Max-Planck Institut für Ausländisches un internationales privatrecht (Hamburg), Max-Planck Institut for Innovation and Competition (Munich) or Institut Suisse de Droit Comparé (Lausanne).
He is a Corresponding Academic of the "Real Academia de Jurisprudencia y Legislación de España", member of the "Comité Valenciano para la Unión Europea", Fellow of the European Law Institute (ELI) and many others professional and scientific associations. He is also an associate member of the Centre for Private International Law at University of Aberdeen (United Kingdom), collaborator of the Instituto de Derecho Iberoamericano, international associate at the Instituto Brasileiro de Direito Internacional Privado (IBDIPr), distinguished professor of the Faculty of Law of the University of Havana (Cuba), a member of the Valencia Bar Association.


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