REPORT: Winter International Week 2023

During the vibrant and insightful Winter International Week 2023 (WIW2023) held from November 27th to December 1st, our Faculty soared to new heights in fostering global academic collaboration.

Following the resounding success of the inaugural International Week in June 2023, which drew 15 esteemed guests from 6 Law Faculties spanning Africa, Asia, and Europe, this year marked an extraordinary leap. WIW2023 welcomed a record-breaking assembly of 35 distinguished participants, including lecturers and members of university administration, representing 10 prestigious institutions across 8 countries from Africa, America and Asia: Algeria, Ghana, Indonesia, Jordan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, and the USA.

The event's agenda featured an enriching array of activities encompassing lectures for students, engaging sessions with our Faculty's academic staff and teachers, intensive workshops, dynamic panel discussions, and a vibrant round table exchange of invaluable insights and best practices.

Under the overarching theme of 'Academic Cooperation with Foreign Universities,' during the WIW2023 we deliberated on crucial topics such as international academic rankings, the dynamics of establishing, nurturing, and funding global academic alliances, and the enhancement of student and staff mobility through the exchange of enriching experiences.

Beyond the academic realm, participants savored the cultural splendors of Gdańsk's historic center, delving into the city's treasure trove of local museums and partaking in the flavors of Polish cuisine. The picturesque cityscape, adorned with a gentle blanket of snow, lent a magical wintry ambiance to the entire experience.

Our heartfelt gratitude extends to the visionary leadership of our Dean, Assoc. Prof. Dr. habil. Wojciech Zalewski, whose unwavering support, gracious hospitality, and inaugural ceremony set the stage for an exceptional event. We also extend our thanks to the Vice-Rector for International Cooperation, Assoc. Prof. Dr. habil. Anna Jurkowska-Zeidler, whose vibrant engagement and enlightening discourse on the University of Gdańsk and the mission of the SEA-EU Alliance energized the gathering.

A special acknowledgment is due to the Faculty members who warmly welcomed our esteemed international guests into their classrooms, and to the Heads of Departments for facilitating these invaluable interactions.

We express our deepest appreciation to the entire Faculty Team for International Cooperation, the dedicated staff of the Dean's Bureau and the Dean's Office, the Bureau of International Cooperation at the University of Gdańsk, the Office of Analysis and Expertise at the University of Gdańsk, the Faculty's Bureau of Data Protection and Multimedia Technologies, as well as the team of the Faculty's Building Administration - for their invaluable support in organizing this remarkable event. A heartfelt thank you also goes to the Dean's Representatives for International Cooperation for their insightful contributions during the training sessions and discussion panels.

And last but not least - we would like to thank our international guests - for the wonderful atmosphere, cordial contacts, interesting conversations and exchange of priceless experiences and good practices. We really hope that they took nice memories from Gdańsk to their home countries.

Building upon the resounding triumphs of our previous editions, we are thrilled to announce our plans to expand further by organizing the Summer International Week 2023 in May next year. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting venture through our faculty's media channels.

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