Visit of Dr. Aisha Al-Ammari (Qatar University)

This week we host Dr. Aisha Al-Ammari from Qatar University Law School at our Faculty.

Our international guest payed a visit to the Dean of our Faculty, Prof. Wojciech Zalewski.
Both scientists specialize in Criminal Law, so the conversation focused not only on the prospects for developing cooperation between our departments, but also on different aspects of Criminal Law and Criminology - both in Qatar, Poland and internationally. 

The "Criminology and Criminal Justice" programme of study conducted at our Faculty in English attracted special attention of our guest. The Dean invited our guest to give lectures to students of this field next semester. Knowledge about Criminal and Penal Law in Arab countries will be a valuable addition to our students' knowledge and their lectures in comparative law.

Our guest also gave lectures to our students.

The Constitutional system of Qatar was of great interest to a group of first-year law students who attended a lecture by our guest.

We are happy that the group of Polish students were joined by a colleague from Germany - an Erasmus+ exchange student from the University of Duesseldorf, who is studying at our Faculty this semester.

Dr. Aisha Al-Ammari explained the specificity of Qatar's constitutional system (similar to Poland in several aspects, but also showing - as a monarchy - significant differences). After the lecture, many questions were asked about contemporary Qatar, the human rights system, unfair stereotypes about life in Arab countries, and prospects for the future. 

The lecturer enriched her lecture with interesting anecdotes and numerous practical examples.

Thank you for interesting conversations and lectures and we look forward to further development of our cooperation.

Dr. Al-Ammari

Dr. Al-Ammari

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