Summer International Week 2024

Against the backdrop of the ongoing exam session, this week at our Faculty we are hosting nearly 60 scientists and representatives of academic administration from our partner universities from 15 countries and 4 continents!

We warmly welcome our guests participating in SUMMER INTERNATIONAL WEEK 2024 representing universities from: Algeria, Armenia, Barbados, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Croatia, Czech Republic, Jordan, Kenya, Lithuania, Namibia, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Tanzania.

Tematem głównym wykładów i warsztatów było: "Diverse Harmony: Building Resilience Across Educational Roles". Throughout the lectures and workshops, uczestnicy mogli explore:

  • Strategies for reducing professional stress and harnessing soft skills to bolster mental resilience.
  • Methods to identify and effectively manage workplace stress.
  • The critical importance of cultural awareness in our increasingly diverse academic environments.
  • Approaches to fostering a cohesive organizational culture that enhances sustainable effectiveness through positive habits and strategic thinking.
  • Intergenerational cooperation within universities—how to value and leverage age diversity among staff in a spirit of inclusivity, mutual respect, harmony, and openness.

We believe that the visit to the University of Gdańsk was an opportunity for our guests to make new acquaintances, network and get to know our region better, and for us - an introduction to developing cooperation with our international partners.

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