New book: “Aesthetics of Law: From Methodology to Manifestations”

We are glad to inform about a new book devoted to the theory and philosophy of law, entitled “Aesthetics of Law: From Methodology to Manifestations”.
The editors of the book are: Prof. Kamil Zeidler (Head of the Department of Theory and Philosophy of State and Law) and Dr. Joanna Kamień (Head of the University of Gdańsk Publishing House).

This book contains 24 chapters written by 27 authors representing various Polish and foreign academic centers. All authors were united by the search for the relationship between law and beauty on many levels and in many dimensions. The publication presents a variety of approaches to the title topic - from program and methodological texts to case studies.

The book was published in the series "Law and Visual Jurisprudence", edited by Prof. Anne Wagner and Prof. Sarah Marusek.

Aesthetics of Law: From Methodology to Manifestations

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