Student of the School of International and Advanced Problems of Public Law are starting their classes.

Our students from partner Universities in Indonesia and Uzbekistan, participating in this year edition of the School of International and Advanced Problems of Public Law are starting their lectures next week.

On Friday, October 13, a welcome and organizational meeting for students of the School took place at the Welcome Center (Main Library of the University of Gdańsk).

In total, 23 students from our partner universities in Indonesia and Uzbekistan take part in lectures at the School in the winter semester.

During the meeting, students learned detailed rules regarding studying at our Faculty, the academic calendar, exams and various forms of additional activities and attractions that await them during this semester. They could handle formal matters and learn about all the topics that interested them.

Questions were asked about forms of additional involvement, volunteering, additional courses and master lectures, and forms of youth and cultural activities.

We will be happy to respond to this demand. A Chinese legal language course will soon begin, conducted for our students by a native-speaker from China. Students will also be able to take part in the "Cinematic Poland" program carried out on our campus. This is a program designed for our international community - as a journey through the rich history of Polish cinema. Every month there will be a screening of a film belonging to the best Polish film works, with subtitles in English, and after the film - a discussion with the participation of viewers and experts. We intend to invite our students to various forms of volunteer involvement.

We are very happy that the interest of foreign students in studying at our Faculty is constantly growing, as shown by statistics. Our lecturers highly appreciate our foreign students from Uzbekistan and Indonesia for their diligence, hard work, good preparation for classes, interesting, non-European perspective on many issues, as well as humor and high level of personal culture.

We are happy to host our international students in Gdansk and we hope that their academic stay in Poland this semester will be a source of many interesting events and nice memories !

The meeting was organized and conducted by:
  – Assoc. Prof. Dr habil. Marcin M. Wiszowaty – Head of the School and Vice-Dean of the Faculty for International Cooperation and Development
- Assoc Prof. Dr. habil. Edvardas Juchnevičius – Dean's Representative for International Cooperation and Deputy Head of the School.

[fot. E. Juchnevičius]

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