ERASMUS+ Master Internships abroad at SEA-EU universities

SEA-EU Internships

Want to see how research is carried out at foreign universities? Are you planning to improve your language skills? Or maybe you need to invest in your professional and academic development? SEA-EU MASTER INTERNSHIPS is the opportunity for you!

This initiative of 9 SEA-EU partner universities is dedicated to Master's students. It is a unique opportunity to complete an internship at one of Europe's coastal universities. The alliance's offer currently includes more than 100 Master's internships at:

  • University of Cadiz (Spain)
  • University of Western Brittany (France)
  • Christian-Albrecht University of Kiel (Germany)
  • University of Split (Croatia)
  • University of Malta in Valletta (Malta)
  • University of Algarve (Portugal)
  • University of Parthenope in Naples (Italy)
  • Nord University (Norway)


What do you need to know before making a decision?

What to do to participate in an internship?

  • Select an internship offer from those available at Make sure that the offer meets the criteria for Erasmus+ funding at UG.
  • Contact the academic supervisor of the internship at the foreign university, enclosing a CV and a motivation letter (contact details can be found in the offers).
  • Wait for confirmation of the availability of the internship from the supervisor.
  • After receiving the approval, contact the Erasmus+ office at UG at
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