ERASMUS+ 2024/25: 22 students will study abroad next year!

On March 5, 2024, interviews for long-term (semester and annual) Erasmus+ academic mobility in the 2024/25 academic year for students of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Gdańsk took place.

The qualification committee (composed of Dr. Magdalena Glanc-Żabiełowicz and Dr. Tomasz Widłak, professor at the University of Gdańsk) decided to award places to 22 students who will go to 12 universities in 11 Erasmus+ program member countries next academic year:
- Belgium,
- Croatia,
- Czechia,
- Estonia (new partner),
- France
- Hungary,
- Malta,
- Norway,
- Slovenia,
- Spain,
- Türkiye.

Among those qualified are:
* 18 female and 4 male students,
* 8 Law students,
* 6 Criminology students (1st and 2nd cycle),
* 4 first-cycle Administration students,
* 3 Criminology & Criminal Justice students
* 1 student of Taxes and Tax Consulting.
In addition, 2 students are on the waiting list.

Centers offering studies in English attracted the greatest interest from candidates, and the competition for some of them reached several people for one place.

In the case of people who could demonstrate good knowledge of another language in which classes are conducted at partner universities (French, Spanish, German, Italian), a trip to their dream center was almost certain.

Congratulations to the qualified students!

We strongly encourage all students who intend to take advantage of the Erasmus+ offer in the coming years: it is definitely worth it.
And a small advice: it is a great idea to learn foreign languages!


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